About Us

We are a California Corporation with several business units.

Our primary business is d/b/a Matthes Vineyards in the beautiful Sonoma Valley within Sonoma County.  Our vineyards produce the white Rhône varietals: Grenache Blanc and Marsanne.

Matthes Vineyards is a licensed wine wholesaler within California.  We will help wineries introduce their products to retail establishments.  Rather than being a mass distributor of pallets of wines, we support boutique wineries and discerning retailers to be unique.  Our “crowd sourced marketing department”, affectionately referred as “foodies”, find great retailers whose business would thrive with wine pairings.

Chefs love to create dishes then try to find the perfect wine to serve with them.  That lovely Cornish Game Hen with subtle mesquite seasoning really needs a Grenache Blanc rather than the same old Chardonnay.

Matthes Group’s voice over business is no longer an active enterprise.

Matthes Group’s consulting, likewise, is no longer active with Salesforce.com consulting.

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